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Staying Safe in the Mountains

North Wales is known for many things but one significant attraction to holidaying in the area are the mountains. But like our coastline, the mountains must be respected. We want you to explore them, and enjoy the views. Here’s how to stay safe when walking and enjoying the mountains.

Standing at just over 1,000 metres, Snowdon is Wales’ highest mountain. Hundreds of people climb to its peak every year, most of whom do so safely. There are, of course, other mountains that attract the walker and climber. It’s not uncommon, however, to hear stories of people needing rescue due to getting lost or being ill-equipped.

Stay safe on the mountains of North Wales and make sure that a day out in the wilds doesn’t turn sour.

#1 Wear the right clothing and footwear

It may be a lovely warm sunny day when you set off, but you can walk through the four seasons on the peak of north Wales – and that means you need the right footwear and clothing. A sturdy pair of shoes, a good, lightweight waterproof coat are two essential pieces of kit for the summer. For winter walking, you’ll need a warm kit too.

#2 Check the weather before you set off

The weather at sea level can be very different from the weather at the top of the mountain. Temperature, for example, will drop with every metre that you walk up so you can find that even in the height of summer, it can be chilly at the top. You’ll need to be prepared for all weather, but in summer, heat and sun exposure is a real concern.

#3 Carry food and drink

You are walking up a mountain into a potentially hostile environment where anything can happen. It can take many hours to walk to the top and back down again and so you’ll need to have supplies with you. This includes food and drink.

#4 Take the right equipment

Many of us rely on our mobile phone for more or less everything but in some mountain ranges, mobile phone signal is poor. This means the map you are following may not update leaving you stranded, or if you need to call for help, you may not be able to do so.

Be prepared and take the right equipment, including a torch and a paper map.

#5 Walk the mountains within your limits

The mountains are a wonderful place to be. Stress and worries melt away as you have breathtaking views to enjoy. But they are inhospitable places where the weather and conditions can turn very quickly. You can prepare for this by having the right equipment and good clothing, along with a detailed weather forecast of the day.

But another issue is walking beyond your comfort zone. Walking up and down mountains is physically tough, with the peak further away that it appears. Enjoy the mountains and all that they have to offer and if that means turning back, then so be it.