Bodnant Estate

Lower Rose Terrace 2
Pin mill and lower rose terrace by howard rice

Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden, National Trust, is at the heart of the estate and welcomes visitors throughout the year.

There is so much to explore across the 80 acres of Bodnant Garden, including majestic Italianate terraces, a dramatic water fall, myriad streams and the River Hiraethlyn which runs through the Dell. Striking shrub borders, two rose gardens, champion trees and rare plant collections from around the world.
Bodnant garden is continually evolving, since 2012 new areas such as the Winter Garden, the Old Park Meadow, Furnace Hill and the Far End have all been opened up.

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GC121 B The Laburnam Arch Bodnant Gardens

The garden is famous for its bright, sunshine yellow Laburnum arch, a sign that spring has sprung and warmer weather is on its way. It is the longest laburnum arch in the UK and it is found at its magnificent best during May and June.

The history of the garden is fascinating, in particular the links to plant hunters from the 19th and 20th centuries. Numerous expeditions brought back a range of plants including Magnolia, Rhododendron forrestii, Eucryphia and Embothrium, all of which formed the basis of the garden.

Gifted to The National Trust in 1949 by Henry, second Lord Aberconway, the garden has continued to flourish and retains strong links with the McLaren family and the gardeners of its past.